A headshot of Noah Elazar

Hi! I’m Noah, a student focused on data science and accessible design.


The Twitter logo, a white bird, on top of a blue background

Twitter-based ideology score

Using retweets, I mapped the relationships between the Twitter accounts of 48 US Senators. Based on these relationships, I placed each politician on an axis which closely correlated with existing ideological measures. This technique could be expanded to enable studies of ideology at a much broader scale.

The seal of the US House of Representatives on a grey background

Congressional hearing data

I am developing a program to download transcripts of US House hearings and pre-process them for research use. My program recognizes patterns in the text to split each transcript by individual statements, enabling research by Professor Jenny Garcia and others into what politicians say in Congress.

The SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) logo on a purple background

Transit accessibility

Working with Professor Josh Davidson, I used data from Philadelphia’s SEPTA public transit system to compare accessibility before and after the addition of a new bus line between low-income neighborhoods. I statistically analyzed and visualized the data and found a significant improvement in accessibility after the line was added.

More about my projects 🡕


I’m a third-year undergraduate student at Oberlin College, and I’m originally from the DC area. I’m pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Politics, with a minor in Mathematics and a multi-disciplinary concentration in Data Science. My research interests involve using data to answer social science questions (especially regarding progressive politics and public transportation) and inclusive technology design.

When I’m not studying or doing research (which is rare!), I’m usually leading club soccer at Oberlin, watching the Washington Spirit play, or reading Ursula Le Guin. I love to travel whenever I can, and when I can’t I’m still learning about geography and the world.